Saturday, December 23, 2006

A poem about feeling sick.

Sick is a feeling that rots in you.
Sick is a feeling that sticks like glue.
Sick makes you feel so bad inside.
Sick is like a hard, rough ride.
Sick leaves you unable to run around loud.
Sick is not a feeling that makes you proud.
Sick means you can have no fun.
Sick makes you feed on soup and a bun.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

A poem about Christmas.

Christmas can make people feel good about giving,
but some people only want to be recieving.
Christmas is a time where you celabrate JESUS,
and when he became alive from the lust.
Christmas can make people think of a jolly hohohoer.
With Rouldoph,Prancer and Dancer.
But when it time to go to sleep,
santa comes to creep creep creep.


Friday, December 08, 2006

People should not litter.

When people litter they cause polution that kills animals. For excample when you shuck out a six can holder or a can fishes swim into it thinking that it is a home then they suffercate and die. Also when you litter it makes the fresh air bad and does critical damage to our lungs causing cancer eg, lung cancer ,heart problems,suffercation. That gives our healthly lives a chance to die. So when you can't find a bin put it in your pocket and when you see a bin put all your rubbish in there so you save a lot of lives.


Friday, December 01, 2006

The Internet is better than a book.

I'm here today to tell you the internet is better than a book. Firstly a book makes you stroll down it then you find all the information you need but the computer is just a few clicks and your
done. Easy and fast. Secondly does an book ever let you listen to music. HM I CAN THINK OF NONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Music can only be downloaded on computers. I hope you are convinced that the internet is better than the world of books.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why children should not be smacked.

When children are smacked they feel terrible and want to run off and start crying. It is cruel and self-centered to smack children when they do something wrong. Instead of hurting them and screaming at them just give them 5 consequences.1. warning; 2.another warning; 3. chat with them; 4. tell them not to do it again and 5. if they keep on doing it then discipline them by sending them to their room. for a period depending on how badly they have behaved.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Smoking should stop.

When you smoke it causes many deseases that make you sick or that can make you die. These are just some awful deseases that can harm your health. 1.Lung cancer, 95% of people dies if you catch this cancer.2. Mouth cancer, gives you a chance to loose your tounge, can not eat or chew so you drink squashed food that goes into a tube and that is all the food you get. 3.Throat cancer, does the same harm as lung cancer. Also after one smoke you get a thing called nicotine that makes you want more cigarets even if you do not like it. Nicotine also squeezes all the oxygon in your lungs. So that is why smoking should stop.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why shooting animals should stop.

Bang dead, you hear a animal being shot by a hunter. Some animals become endangered or even extinct. Animals like a baboon become pets wich aren't there normel habitat. here are my reasons why hunting animals should stop. Firstly animals get sepertated from there mother and father so then they have to live on there own to survive, animals will eat other baby animals and they will die but if they have there parents they will protect them. Secondly if you hunters catch them they will not like there habitats and might even go mad and kill themselves. Finally there kind will not be alive for the future to see these magnifecent animals. So you hunters out there and you want to kill an animal think again so animals do not go and be extinct and no Shooting